Jose Suarez is CEO of TEDMED, co-founder of Silver 8 Capital, LLC and a partner at Walker Digital, LLC.

TEDMED is the non-profit health and medicine edition of the famous TED Talks. TEDMED seeks to amplify the work of undiscovered researchers and innovators and important industry influencers. Talks are simulcast live around the world, ultimately inspiring millions of minds.

Prior to TEDMED, Jose served during the early days of the Internet adoption as President & COO of Walker Digital, the privately-held, innovation laboratory created by prolific inventor and’s founder Jay Walker. At Walker Digital, Jose led the development of hundreds of innovations and intellectual property across e-commerce, gaming, marketing, retailing, and payment systems. He was responsible for monetizing these innovations into hundreds of millions of dollars. Now a friend and partner of Mr. Walker and his eponymous firm, Jose helps as an advisor. 

Jose is an investor in technologies and start-ups that solve large problems, leverage the power of networks, and can scale rapidly. He co-founded and co-manages Silver 8 Partners, the #1 Technology Hedge Fund for 2016 by Net Return to Investors as ranked by BarclayHedge. Silver 8's investment thesis is at the intersection of finance and technology (a sector known as "FinTech"). Jose believes that we are at the dawn of a new economy being shaped by two macro forces:
  • the emergence of a global peer-to-peer network enabled by mobile/internet that has just begun to disintermediate industries (e.g. Uber, Airbnb), and
  • the use of money in digital form (a continuum from gold minted coins to gold-backed paper currency to "government-backed" paper currency to fiat money of 0's and 1's.)
And that the confluence of these two vectors, magnified by blockchain and other technologies reshaping financial services, will forever transform how people, companies, governments, and devices of all types (IOT) transact with each other and will provide a much needed financial infrastructure to the billions of underbanked or unbanked people around the world.

Jose has started, operated and sold numerous businesses, including an electronic payment processing company and manufacturing plants employing thousands of people throughout Central America. A former real estate developer, he started his professional career at GE – creating computer simulation models of manufacturing plants  and then worked in GE Capital's venture group for private label credit cards.

Jose manages a single private family office and serves as advisor and patron of various philanthropic organizations. He was born in El Salvador and emigrated to the United States during his country's civil war to attend college. He graduated valedictorian from Virginia Tech holding a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. He also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Jose enjoys adventure travel and has participated in expeditions to both the Arctic and the Antarctic. He is an avid ultra-runner. In 2007 he completed the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run across the Sierra Nevada in 27 hours. He repeated the feat again in 2010, this time finishing in 23 hours to earn the race’s coveted Silver Buckle.